Hunting for a Job: Advice for Navigating the Tight Job Market
Finding a job in a saturated market, especially with many recent layoffs in UX, feels like an uphill battle. Just over a month ago, I left my previous role. Now, I’m grappling with a tough question: How do I secure a job in such a challenging environment? I’ve sought advice from ADPList, engaged with people on LinkedIn, and more. Here, I’m sharing key insights from these conversations, totaling about 2,000 minutes!
Reworking My Academic CV into a Resume: Lessons Learned from 1000 Minutes of Mentorship
You might think that 1000 minutes is a lot, but I was determined to absorb as much advice as possible from peers, ranging from senior-level professionals to senior directors! Through 1000 minutes of mentorship on ADPList, I started on a journey to understand the job market better and learn how to reshape my past experiences in a way that resonates with the industry. In this post, I’ll summarize the invaluable insights I received on the art of resume writing.