I am a research lead with a proven track record of leading and executing research projects. My approach combines creativity, rigor, and inclusivity, shaped by my software engineering background, Ph.D. in human-computer interaction, and immigrant experience.

  • Responsible AI
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • User Research
  • Privacy and Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (HCI)

    University of Edinburgh

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science

    University of Bonn

  • M.Sc. in Information Technology

    University of Tehran

Select Projects

Nokia Bell Labs, Qualitative, Lead User Researcher
Enabled consideration of AI ethical values through integration of a new toolkit into AI developer workflows.
Optimizing Recruitment for Programmers
Uni Edinburgh, Quantitative, Lead Researcher
Optimal strategies and foundational ground truth for reproducible, comparable, and cost-effective research with programming-skilled participants.
Secure Software Development
Uni Edinburgh, Mixed Methods, Lead Researcher
Developed design guidelines for optimizing developer efficiency in utilizing program analysis tools for fixing security vulnerabilities.
Privacy by Design in Software Development
Uni Edinburgh & Bristol, Mixed Methods, Lead Researcher
Constructed research-driven evidence to empower developers in effectively navigating privacy features through responsible design.


Responsible AI Research Lead
December 2023 – Present
Principal Investigator
October 2023 – Present
Senior Researcher in AI
Nokia Bell Labs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
October 2022 – July 2023
  • Led UX research and prioritization of responsible AI toolkit features alongside cross-functional teams.
  • Research insights led to the integration of 8 new features and adoption by 2 business units.
  • Presented findings to C-suite; mentored 2 teammates on research design; helped identify & recruit 3 interns.
  • Initiated a birds of a feather program with 15 speakers for company-wide promotion of ethical AI.
  • Authored a corporate blog post and an article on AI ethics and its future after reviewing 164 articles.
Senior Researcher
University of Bristol 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
May 2021 – September 2022
  • Secured a $1.5M UK Research and Innovation grant for privacy research aiding marginalized groups.
  • Contributed significantly to the UK’s consultation policy response on app stores privacy & security settings.
  • Developed privacy design guidelines for Android/iOS by analyzing app permissions and developer forums.
  • Identified privacy integration issues through a usability analysis of advertising network API documentation.
  • Published 5 peer-reviewed papers with 14 stakeholders (3 as the lead). Mentored 3 junior researchers.
PhD Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction
University of Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
May 2018 – April 2021
  • Secured $150K for Ph.D. funding and an additional $12K for attending conferences and research.
  • Designed best practices for recruiting developers through platform comparison for reliability, quality, & cost.
  • Proposed organizational and design guidelines for improving privacy practices in software teams and docs.
  • Provided insights to optimize static analysis tool usability and efficiency for addressing security issues.
  • Led, published, and presented 11 peer-reviewed papers, collaborating with 7 diverse contributors.
Instructor for HCI, Research Methods, Privacy, Security
University of Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
September 2018 – April 2021
  • Delivered 800 instructional hours as a tutor and teaching assistant, serving 350 students.
Research Assistant in Human-Computer Interaction
University of Bonn 🇩🇪
March 2017 – April 2018
  • Evaluated usability and acceptance of six payment methods across four countries.
Software Engineer & Co-Founder
Teanab & Teasa 🇮🇷
April 2011 – June 2015
  • Led development of 5 iOS apps and improved a web app serving 2M+ users with new features.

Awards & Service

  • ACM CHI 2022 Best Research paper awardee
  • Nokia Empowerment Award for junior researcher growth
  • Full Ph.D. scholarship from Microsoft Research & University of Edinburgh
  • Double victories in German hackathons (Trivago & innovate.healthcare)
  • Associate Chair for Security & Privacy, ACM CHI 2024
  • Program Committee Member for 4 influential conferences
  • Reviewed papers for 12 premier HCI, privacy, and security conferences
  • STEM Ambassador for 1 year
  • Co-founder of Persian Students’ Association at Uni Bonn
  • Research staff representative, Uni Bristol
  • Invited talks at distinguished institutions: Snyk, Telefónica, Microsoft Research, and more
  • Led 160-participant hackathons x2

Select Peer-Reviewed Publications

As lead author, I drove at least 70% project contribution across all research phases: concept, ethical approvals, recruitment, data collection, analysis, interpretation, paper writing, and presentation. I have collaborated with 46 co-authors in total.

Conferences in computer science are considered to be highly influential, with each paper undergoing a review process by at least 3 reviewers to assess its rigor, innovation, and writing quality.


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When not doing research, I spend time with my family and friends, as well as indulge in watching movies and listening to podcasts. I enjoy taking walks and hikes in nature, but I also enjoy strolling around my neighborhood, checking out people’s yards (plants, trees, & flowers). I love my bike and traveling too!

How I got into research? Before becoming a researcher, I spent four years working as a software engineer and co-founded a startup with some friends. We had many failures, which later on, I think was because we were too many engineers under one roof (of course, one of the primary reasons, not the only one). When I was introduced to research and human factors, it resonated with my experiences as an engineer, prompting me to follow this subject. My quest led me to get a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction and six years of experience in the field so far! Read more about my journey here & here.

From Middle-East to Europe & Americas: I have lived in Iran, Germany, Scotland, Canada, England, and the United States. These diverse experiences have broadened my perspective, as I’ve had the opportunity to engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This spectrum of views has become invaluable to my life, and I cherish it dearly.

Interested in my work? If you are interested in discussing my work or any other topic related to my background, I would happily allocate 20-30 minutes for a chat. Please feel free to email me, and I can often arrange a time within a week of receiving your message.